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Council responds … after 5 months

Niwa has just confirmed that 2021 was New Zealand’s hottest year on record, Mayor Goff has just admitted that Council “… are not doing enough” to reduce emissions, and the people of Waiheke Island, and the Waitemata Local Board are openly dismayed about the proliferation of helicopter transport within the region. So what then was…

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Big news on past and current helipad applications:

Are they non-complying and improperly-consented? Firstly, an update: Your many protests and objections have been effective in persuading Auckland planning to send Obsidian’s application back for more information. Quiet Sky Waiheke have strongly challenged the way that Auckland has awarded helipad applications in the past, pointing out three different provisions in the District Plan that…

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How safe is the helicopter sector?

As a layperson, it is difficult to assess this, however it is concerning that so many flights are not compliant with the aviation rules and that the CAA was not involved in consenting the 48 helipads already existing on Waiheke. The CAA has made its own assessment of the helicopter sector and thinks that it…

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Welcome back Bar-Tailed Godwits to Blackpool Beach! This year, we’re being quiet for you. Ever wonder whether a profusion of helicopters might be a problem for birds? Have you seen and heard more birds since the lockdown? You wouldn’t be alone. When so many people are expending so much effort on planting trees, trapping exotic…

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The democratic process is working

The democratic process really works, but you have to be involved! In response to all of your emails, Cr Pippa Coom has been interested in the issues of helicopter traffic over Waiheke and has created a Waiheke Quiet Sky tag for posts on her blog. So far one post has appeared, referring to her attendance…

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CAA review of existing helipads

A review process has been started, at our urging, by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) who are contacting all 48 helipads on Waiheke to find out which of them should have submitted a “Part 157” notification. This notification is required if more than 7 flights are ever conducted in any 30 day period.  The Part…

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Auckland Council to review existing helipads

One of the most promising responses to the Local Board’s resolution has been quick agreement by the Council planning staff to review all of the 48 existing helipads to determine whether (1) the helipad consents have lapsed due to lack of use or (2) the consent conditions can be reopened for review and possible modification.  …

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Special Use Airspace application

Quiet Sky Waiheke applied to CAA on 3 August for creation of a “Special Use Airspace” over the Island, with specific rules that would control non-essential helicopter flights.  We are asking CAA to require compliance with the guidelines set out in the helicopter industry’s own “Fly Neighbourly Guide“ such as staying over water rather than…

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Local Board meeting a success

To the applause of an overflow audience of 52 people, the Waiheke Local Board unanimously voted for a resolution on the 21st July, asking for a change in the approval standards for helipads, review of existing helipad consents, requirement for public-accessible tracking of helicopter flights, and a Special Use Airspace over Waiheke to impose rules…

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Please sign our petition!

Go to to support taking action about helicopter traffic on Waiheke Island. We need as many signatures as possible, so that the Ministry of Transport and Auckland Council can hear our voices above the helicopter noise. Please forward to your friends, family and neighbours so that they too have a chance to be heard. Let’s reclaim our Quiet Skies!

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