Council responds … after 5 months

Niwa has just confirmed that 2021 was New Zealand’s hottest year on record, Mayor Goff has just admitted that Council “… are not doing enough” to reduce emissions, and the people of Waiheke Island, and the Waitemata Local Board are openly dismayed about the proliferation of helicopter transport within the region. So what then was Council’s response to Waiheke Local Board’s Notice of Motion requesting help to manage the cumulative and specific effects of helicopters on Waiheke? Let’s wait another five years before, and if, we do anything. This is outrageous. You can read the Waiheke Local Board’s response and listen to the key points of the meeting (here, here and here) in which Quiet Sky Waiheke’s Kim Whitaker and the Local Board discuss the implications of delaying change to 2026 (eg. unrestricted growth in helicopter traffic on the island) and Council’s belief that the current regulations are appropriate. Quiet Sky Waiheke will continue to campaign for peaceful skies in 2022, but to end on a lighter note, listen here for the moment during December’s Local Board meeting when a speaker cannot be heard due to an overflying helicopter! We wish you all a Happy and Safe 2022 šŸ™‚