About us

Quiet Sky Waiheke is a group of Island residents who are concerned about the proliferation of helicopter traffic on Waiheke.

We first got together after noticing that the helicopter noise and movements over Waiheke Island seemed to be an ever-increasing problem. At the time we had little idea what all that noise really stood for, and so we called ourselves “Quiet Sky Waiheke ” as it seemed appropriate at the time.

However once we started uncovering layer after layer of regulations, laws and bureaucratic processes, we soon realised that helicopter noise was just a symptom for a much bigger problem. We should probably have called ourselves “Safe and Sensible Skies”.

The noise is like the tip of the iceberg. Underneath is the real problem: a very dangerous situation for pilots, passengers, and the public.

If you have any concerns or suggestions you’d like to share with us, please contact us at info@quietskywaiheke.nz

Quiet Sky Waiheke info@quietskywaiheke.nz