Quiet Sky Waiheke needs your help!

Over the last 18 months we have followed a number of strategies at a local and national level, one of which was making a submission on the new Civil Aviation Bill which is currently going through parliament. Partly as a result of our efforts, the following clause has been inserted into the Bill:

Clause 58. Rules for noise abatement purposes

The Minister may make rules under section 52 prescribing flight rules, flight paths, altitude restrictions, and operating procedures for the purposes of noise abatement, including in the vicinity of aerodromes.

The word including has been added. Previously, the Minister could only make rules in the vicinity of aerodromes. Now the Minister can make rules anywhere, but there is no obligation to do so. Our local MP Chlöe Swarbrick has now submitted a very important Supplementary Order Paper to further strengthen this clause. She has proposed the following amendments:

1. The Minister must make rules under section 52 prescribing flight rules, flight paths, altitude restrictions, and operating procedures for the purposes of noise abatement, including in the vicinity of aerodromes.

2. The Minister must be satisfied that the rules—

a.       consider the effect or potential effect of noise from civil aviation activities on people, activities and things, including residential amenity, natural quiet, and the environment; and

b.       have been made in consultation with the Minister of Conservation.

3.  The Minister must—

a.       make the first rules under this section by 31 December 2024; and

b.       review the rules made under this section periodically, at least every six years.

4. Rules recommended by the Minister to satisfy this section may be amended or repealed later.”

These amendments would considerably strengthen our position in trying to address the helicopter situation over Waiheke since it would require, rather than simply empower, the Minister to make rules pertaining to noise.

It is essential that we now do everything we can to make sure that this amendment is adopted. So we are asking you to please write a brief email to the Minister responsible for aviation, Kieran McAnulty, saying that you feel it is important that the suggested amendment is included in the final draft of the new Bill. 

When you send your email, please CC it to Chlöe Swarbrick , as this will give her ‘ammunition’ when she speaks on her amendment. 

It would also be good to CC it to Helen White M.P. to get her support and make it clear to her how important the issue is to people who potentially might vote for her in the next election.

The email addresses are as follows:

Kieran McAnulty: kieran.mcanulty@parliament.govt.nz

Chlöe Swarbrick: chloe.swarbrick@parliament.govt.nz

Helen White: helen.white@parliament.govt.nz

It is vitally important that the Minister understands that this is an issue that the community cares about, so please do email him now! The Minister can be persuaded on this issue, but only if he receives lots of emails. Please circulate this email to your friends and ask them to do the same! Thank you for your support