Auckland Council to review existing helipads

One of the most promising responses to the Local Board’s resolution has been quick agreement by the Council planning staff to review all of the 48 existing helipads to determine whether (1) the helipad consents have lapsed due to lack of use or (2) the consent conditions can be reopened for review and possible modification.  

We know that many, if not all, of the vineyard helipad consents did include a provision for review.  Such a review can consider the number of flights, the approach and departure paths, the altitude of the helicopters (low altitudes are noisier), the size of helicopters (large is louder), idling while on the ground, and the record of compliance or disregard for the consent conditions.

We have urged that such reviews should be notified to the public for consultation.  This may or may not happen.  But comments on the impact of particular helipads could be helpful at any time.  If you can contribute specific information about a particular helipad that might help the planning staff in its review, send it to: