CAA review of existing helipads

A review process has been started, at our urging, by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) who are contacting all 48 helipads on Waiheke to find out which of them should have submitted a “Part 157” notification. This notification is required if more than 7 flights are ever conducted in any 30 day period.  The Part 157 notification triggers a review by CAA to verify that the helipad is safely located and operated.  We have information that indicates that only one of the 8 vineyard helipads (Cable Bay) submitted a Part 157 notification, so the other 7 should be examined by CAA, along with any other busy helipads.  If you have any specific information that pertains to the possibility of mid-air collision, low-flying, hazards on the ground or any other safety concern with a particular helipad or helipads, please send it to, who has been assigned to Waiheke issues at CAA.