Easier submission in support of SOPs

In our previous post we asked you to please write a brief email to the Minister responsible for aviation, Kieran McAnulty (with copies to Chlöe Swarbrick and Helen White) in support of Chlöe Swarbrick’s proposed amendment to the Civil Aviation Bill.

If you received one of the previous posts by email, please note that one of the links had a typo, so Minister McAnulty might not have received it, if you clicked that link.

To make things easier, you can CLICK HERE to open an email to all of the above recipients and to bcc: Quiet Sky Waiheke as well.

(NB due to a quirk of Microsoft Outlook, you may have to re-paste the CC addresses; let us know if you have any trouble with any other email software).

As well as Chlöe’s SOP No. 239, there are two proposed amendments put forward by Julie Anne Genter which you might also want to support (we do!). They are SOP No. 240 and SOP No. 241 and they aim to require the Bill to better address greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

If you would please email these Members of Parliament, you will make it much more likely that the proposed amendments will be adopted. It could be decades before the Civil Aviation Act is revised again, so the time is now!